Sammy Hagar Went Above and Beyond in Hopes of Including Alex Van Halen in New Tour

While most will remember Sammy Hagar for his time with Van Halen, the singer explored the music industry with a solo career. Although he produced hit songs like “I Can’t Drive 55”, Hagar never seemed to get away from his time with Van Halen as he landed a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the band. He also contributed to bands like Chickenfoot and Montrose. With Hagar preparing for his Best of All Worlds tour, the singer explained how he reached out to Alex Van Halen numerous times in hopes of them working together once again. 

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Speaking with Ultimate Classic Rock, Hagar opened up about his upcoming tour and how he will perform alongside stars like Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony, and Jason Bonham. With an amazing lineup ahead, Hagar wanted to share his moment in the spotlight with Van Halen given he will focus on classic songs from the band, but he explained, “We reached out to him a dozen times before this tour, in every way. Email, text message, phone call, message on the machine, OK? No response. No response. I mean, we made every offer to get together or to just talk or to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Go to the studio and play. Come to my house or I’ll come to your house. Go ride horses, go sit on the beach. What do you want to do? Let’s just do something. Let’s get together. And nothing.”

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Sammy Hagar Explains How He Only Wanted To Talk

Although getting no response from Van Halen, Hagar was optimistic he would eventually reach out. But then again – “When the tour came, the first person we called and left all of the messages, sent all of emails, it was Alex Van Halen. Mike and I said, ‘We’re wanting to do this thing.’ Alex’s famous line to me [was], ‘Sammy, we ain’t getting any younger.’ Mike and I said, ‘Alex, we ain’t getting any younger. We’re going out and playing for the people. We’re going to go honor the Van Halen catalog. Let’s just get together and let’s talk about it. Mike and I, we’re going out, we’re going to do this, Alex. Please join us. Let’s be friends, let’s bury the hatchet, whatever.’ There was no response.”

While hoping to collaborate once again, the idea fell through as Hagar explained, “I was saying, ‘He’ll come to a show, he’s got to in L.A. or something. I’m sure he’ll come.’ But no, no, he sold all of his equipment. That was his statement. That was like, ‘Nah, I ain’t coming nowhere.’”

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