Australian Duo Seaforth Share Story Behind “Breakups” on ‘Zak Kuhn Show’

In this episode of The Zak Kuhn Show, the members of Australian-born duo Seaforth (made up of longtime friends Tom Jordan and Mitch Thompson) don’t hold anything back. With host Zak Kuhn they discuss TikTok, life in Nashville, their new single “Breakups,” and much more. 

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Aside from being known musicians, Kuhn points out that the duo are recognized for their good looks and charming Australian banter displayed throughout their social media presence, namely, their TikTok. The two recently started a TikTok series where they try random foods that they find repulsive. In one instance, Jordan shares a story of when they decided to try fish from Sweden.

“I saw some people on TikTok do it and they literally open the can and start projectile vomiting— like it’s so so bad. I was like, ‘I want to do it.’ I didn’t tell Mitch about it and I ordered it from Sweden. It cost like 65 bucks, took like three weeks to get here. It arrived at the house and I set up the table while Mitch was out somewhere. He comes back and we did it, but Swedish fish… it’s notoriously bad.” Later adding, “This woman messaged us, and fair enough like we didn’t even think about it, but she’s like, ‘This is offensive to people that eat this food for a living,’ and I’m like, ‘Hey, to each their own if you want to eat it for a living.’” 

This anecdote is just one example of their good-natured spirits, and it’s no surprise that the group quickly caught the attention of label heads all over Nashville. They share the story of how they played a showcase at The Basement, a local Nashville venue, with the head of Sony Music in the front row. 

“This was at a time where we’d taken label meetings with about everyone and then after that, they were like, ‘We’re gonna do a showcase to like sum up the trip.’ We were leaving a few days after. And then we have most labels there, it was kind of like ‘Holy shit. The pressure’s on.’ We’d never played any of our songs for the band. We got a few Nashville guys to play with us. We rehearsed it for an afternoon and then we walked up and everyone’s there,” explains Thompson.

They ended up being signed to Sony and have now racked up millions of streams across all platforms. Their newest single, “Breakups,” has garnered over 23 million streams on Spotify alone.

To listen to the story behind “Breakups” and much more— including the cuisine that Jordan and Thompson could eat for the rest of their lives— check out The Zak Kuhn Show

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