Silvana Estrada Steps Out with a New Personal Anthem “Te Guardo” to Announce Debut LP ‘Marchita’

On Friday (October 22) Mexican indie-star Silvana Estrada announced that her long-awaited debut album Marchita will be released on January 21 via Glassnote Records.

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To usher in the long-awaited news, Estrada unveils a new version of her personal anthem “Te Guardo,” alongside an official video. Celebrated as one of Mexico’s brightest young stars, the breakthrough artist makes a bold mark with her global debut with unprecedented vulnerability and wisdom well beyond her 24-years.

“This is a pivotal song in the story of the album, a kind of incantation,” Silvana says about her new single. “I was experiencing a sudden infatuation and upon the intensity of my emotions, I ran home with the words on the tip of my tongue, trying to speak about a love that seemed impossible, and that yet in some way, I felt reciprocated. When we re-recorded this song, we slowed it down considerably and discovered that it took on a more sensual feel that pulls you in. It became sweeter and more intimate.”

The “Te Guardo” music video was filmed in Valle Nuevo, Dominican Republic, and directed by Karla Read and Edwin Erazo. “The video is a tribute to sweetness and its delicacy,” Silvana explains. “For me, it is a metaphor of what is born and what is sown. This is the ‘seed’ song that started it all.” 

Estrada was raised in a house where not only music but instruments, were made. Both of her parents are luthiers, and a path was worn to their home in Coatepec, a mountain town in Veracruz, by the musicians who arrived daily to commission a new violin or cello or have their instruments repaired. Silvana’s parents’ workshop is the setting for the filming of her NPR “Tiny Desk (Home) Concert.”

Much of the music that influenced Estrada growing up in Mexico was not in the Spanish language. Raised in a family surrounded by folklore and classical music, Estrada studied Jazz at the Universidad Veracruzana. Later, she continued her studies in New York, and her musical repertoire is an impenetrable fusion of the language of jazz with the Latin American imaginary. In a uniquely global position, Estrada’s sonic capabilities transcend language and continents to reach listening hearts everywhere

Watch the video for “Te Guardo” below. Check out upcoming tour dates on her website.


  1. Más O Menos Antes
  2. La Corriente
  3. Te Guardo
  4. Un Día Cualquiera
  5. Sabré Olvidar
  6. Marchita
  7. Tristeza
  8. Carta
  9. Casa
  10. Ser De Ti
  11. La Enfermedad Del Siglo

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