Song Premiere: Bosey Masket, “Fair Thee Well”

Years before Bosey Masket began releasing indie-folk singalongs like “Fair Thee Well,” his life was soundtracked by a different type of music. The son of Death Row Records exec David Kenner, Bosey grew up during the golden days of California hip-hop, with rappers like Snoop Dogg and 2Pac hanging around the family home. Years later, he’s making his own mark on the Golden State as one of its modern-day folkies, backed by the approval (and the talent) of folk-pop heavyweights like Taylor and Griff Goldsmith from Dawes, Aaron Older from Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes, and Ryan Richter from He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister. All of those musicians make appearances on Bosey’s debut LP, which hits a high point with this trippy, sun-baked, minor-key tribute to a life seized by the balls.

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“When you come to realize that the constrictive confines of reality don’t fit an evolving consciousness, a heartbreak occurs,” Bosey says. “Your upbringing, money, or any other old hat paradigm that is losing its relevance can — and will only — be fought with LOVE. This song gives permission to let your heart break open, let the love pour out and then pull it back in. The only cycle that stands the test of time.”

We think the guy’s backstory is already pretty interesting, but there’s also this “Behind the Music”-style video, which reminds us of the ’70s pool party scene toward the beginning of American Hustle. Amy Adams doesn’t make an appearance, unfortunately… but Bosey does strip down to his underwear.


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