Song Premiere: The Toothe, “Talons”

The Toothe

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The Artist: The Toothe, an eclectic folk trio hailing from Asheville.
The Song: “Talons,” from their upcoming EP of the same name, out on 6/10
Fun Fact: Having released albums featuring everything from children’s music to black metal, this latest recording is described by the band as “apocalyptic Americana.”
Songwriter Says: Talons is the last glimmer of hope in a child’s heart before youth is lost. It’s both airy and heavy – dreamy and bitter. It’s a song about the entropy of love and the inevitability of disappointment. Love is a living thing that dies. Sometimes it dies peacefully in its sleep, warm in its den. Other times it is carried away by grasping claws and devoured in a lofty, bone-strewn nest. Either way, we’re mourning its loss in this song. Talons is the final song on this EP, and it often closes our live sets, because it has a real finality to it. When we strum the last chord, the coffin lid closes.”

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