Spotify’s New Initiative to Spotlight Songwriters

Spotify is shining the spotlight on songwriters.

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With its recent launch of songwriter pages and “Written By” playlists, this streaming service puts the creation stories of your favorite hits on full display. And it’s a win-win situation for all involved. With songwriter specific pages and playlists, songwriters by default will receive more recognition for their work. They also are being exposed to new avenues for collaboration due to heightened visibility. On the other side, fans are invited to fall in love with more music from the songwriters they didn’t know that they didn’t know. 

Spotify’s Head of Songwriter and Publishing Relations, Jules Parker, said of the new project: “Supporting songwriters and publishers helps them be able to do what they do best: create and promote the music you love. Your favorite songs begin with songwriters, so the more opportunities we can provide, the better we can help them create that next hit, and the more reasons you have to stream their music.”

Parker continues, “Songwriters and publishers are vital parts of the music industry, though what they do is less publicly known, so they often don’t have the visibility they deserve.” Read the full Parker statement here.

With this emphasis on songwriters, Spotify increasingly adds value to the music industry by connecting all the players in one setting. Spotify, in particular, is perfectly poised to bring about this organic discovery for artists and fans. With its easy to navigate platform and impressive subscriber base, music has never been easier to uncover.

Dive into the new playlists and follow the directions below to find other songwriter pages. 

How to access songwriter pages:

  • Right-click on a track (or, if you’re on mobile, tap the “…” next to the track) 
  • Hit “Song Credits”
  • Select a clickable songwriter’s name
  • Every songwriter page includes a “Written By” playlist spanning that writer’s work. On their page, click or tap “Listen on Spotify” to check them out.

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