Stephen Colbert Finds The Humor In “Accidental Racist”


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Last night, Stephen Colbert and his guest, actor Alan Cummings, parodied Brad Paisley’s much maligned new single “Accidental Racist.” Paisley’s song offers a look at the strained relationship between blacks and whites in the South, and features a corny rap by LL Cool J.

“I thought racism ended when we elected the first black President, but it turned out he was just the opening act,” Colbert joked. “Because this song has united all Americans, not just black and white, but Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, even Inuit… all of us, to join our voices and declare, “this…song…suuucks!”

The level of “suckage” inspired Colbert to write his own song, “Oopsie-Daisy-Homophobe,” a meditation on gay-straight relations which features a hilarious guest rap from Cummings:

“It don’t make me a freak that I brunch eight times a week…

…If you don’t judge my tight pants, I won’t judge the way you dance.”

Watch the full bit below.

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