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kyle andrews
The Artist: Nashville singer-songwriter Kyle Andrews
The EP: One Plus One
Fun Fact: If you ever wanted to see a music video with 4,000 people having a water balloon fight on a  Utah college campus, Andrews has you covered.
Liner Notes: The inspiration for this EP is the renewed energy that comes with spring weather. It was a long winter and coming out of it feels so good. I worked quickly the last few weeks fueled by the transition into spring. These songs are meant for cookouts, driving with the windows down, and for playing at out door shows.

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“One Plus One” is celebrating being an introvert. Some tend to prefer one on one interactions rather than hanging in large groups. For those types, a quiet night at home is a party. I wanted to write something fun and playful that reflects that inner world in a positive way. Additionally, I love the duality of playing a song about being introverted at a show, in front of a crowd, in a fun way that merges and resolves those different types of personalities. If you are the introvert you can be at this show and be represented amongst all the party people.”

Part of growing up for me has been learning not to fret so hard over things out of my control. Being human is a very vulnerable state. So “Great Big Life”  for me is about learning to embrace that and love it.

With “Pet,” I wanted to write something purely romantic. I hope this song captures that unspoken moment when you first feel you want to be with someone. Its all up in the air, and hopeful, but uncertain. “Maybe I’m yours?”

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