Sublime Celebrates 25th Anniversary Of Self-Titled Album

25 years ago, reggae/rock band Sublime released what would become one of the most iconic records of this generation. A self-titled release, the 1996 album spawned numerous hits, including “What I Got,” “Santeria,” and “Wrong Way.” To commemorate the forthcoming anniversary (on July 30), drummer Bud Gaugh and bassist Eric Wilson have quite the celebration planned — from a virtual plaque ceremony to limited-edition AleSmith Sublime Mexican Lager cans and a graphic novel called “SUBLIME: $5 at the Door” through Z2 Comics.

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New music videos for album tracks “Garden Grove” and “Pawn Shop” will also be released for the occasion. Additionally, Travis Barker is set to helm a remix project featuring covers and collaborations with various artists to reimagine classic Sublime tracks.

“I can’t believe it’s been 25 years since self-titled album has come out. It’s really cool. There’s not a day that goes by that I do not hear one of our songs on the radio, in a bar, store, or in a car driving by. I constantly meet people who tell me that Sublime has helped them through a hard time or has helped them change their lives because of our stories, our music and the messages within our music,” Gaugh says in a press statement. “It’s such a great feeling to have a connection with our fans this deep. And to think – the record label was actually considering canning this thing 25 years ago?! Man, I bet they’re glad they didn’t. I know we sure are, and I know the fans are, too! That is a testament to the fans and their love for the band. The reason why we are still here all over the place every day and in your face is because of you, the fans, and we thank you and love you for this. Just look at all the love we’ve found!”

Wilson adds, “Looking back at the music that was created; I didn’t realize it then, but I feel very fortunate and blessed to inspire and help people through hard times—through music. Thank you Brad, Bud, mom, dad, brother & sister.”

The upcoming virtual plaque ceremony (to stream on YouTube) will celebrate 18 million in album consumption and honor the late Bradley Nowell. Nowell’s widow Troy DenDekker and son Jakob will accept a plaque on his behalf.

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