Taylor Swift Retains Grip on Nation, No. 1 Album Spot

Country can’t get enough of country artist Taylor Swift…

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Taylor Swift, the 19-year-old country music sensation, continues to have the top-selling album in the land — this week, her second album, Fearless, begins its eighth week in the No. 1 slot on the Billboard 200 Album Chart.

Her luck is subject to change though, as Bruce Springsteen’s Working On A Dream is expected to claim the No. 1 spot once it hits the charts next week.

This week’s Billboard 200 also marks career highs in the Chart debuts of American Songwriter favorites Andrew Bird, Bon Iver, and Animal Collective.

You can view all the interesting chart minutia here.

For more on the talented Taylor Swift, her views on co-writing, and the guitar chord she picked up from John Rich, check out our recent feature article (from the November/December issue) here.

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