The 30-Day Song Selection Spectacular: #14, Favorite Duet/Collaboration Between Two Artists You Love – Or Maybe You Only Love One Of Them

Johnny Rotten/Afrika Bambaataa, “World Destruction”

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I’m not a huge Sex Pistols fan, but I find J. Rotten entertaining and occasionally pithy. One of the smartest moves he ever made was recording this awesome, uh, “rap duet” with Afrika Bambaataa. It’s totally dated, but it is such an eloquent screed. Bonus: the video is amusing!

B-side: I like those duets where one singer has been dead for several years at the time of the recording and the other person is still alive! Cuz it’s FREAKY! No, not really. But I like this song by Derrick Morgan & Desmond Dekker:


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