The Chainsmokers Will Launch Themselves Into Space in 2024

The Chainsmokers have announced they plan on launching into space in 2024 for a once-in-a-lifetime concert aboard a pressurized capsule.

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According to The Associated Press, the duo has partnered with a new space tourism company, World View, that plans to begin chartering flights to the edge of space in the coming years. The Chainsmokers will be among the maiden voyages, where they will record an exclusive performance inside the capsule as it climbs 20 miles above the earth.

Though we’re sure the electronic duo expected the news to prompt at the very least a measure of wonder and excitement, it has instead become an excuse for the masses to shitpost about the band with a slew of creative insults. Despite the conversation being derailed, the duo has said the trip to space is the fulfillment of a dream.

“We have always dreamed of going to space and are stoked to collaborate with World View to have this adventure and experience,” the Chainsmokers said in a statement. “We know the views of both Earth and space are going to be incredible and inspiring, and we hope to leverage this flight for creativity on future projects.”

The World View capsule will seat eight passengers and two crew members. According to, each seat will run $50,000 dollars, marking it as the cheapest option for space tourism. The vessel will take participants high enough to see the curvature of the planet and the vast darkness of space.

The Chainsmokers will be the first artists to perform in the stratosphere, according to World View. CEO Ryan Hartman said he chose the group personally after he heard his young son singing one of their songs.

Earlier this year, the Chainsmokers released their fourth studio album, So Far So Good, along with a string of videos for tracks “Riptide,” “iPad” and “High.”

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