The Kid LAROI and Scooter Braun TikTok Feud Was Only a Publicity Stunt

The Kid LAROI has been on a streak of success over the last year, working with Justin Bieber and racking up millions of streams on his own music. However, on Wednesday (April 13), the 18-year-old artist hinted that it may not have been an entirely positive experience working with his former manager Scooter Braun. But Braun’s response to the video revealed that it was only a publicity stunt, and there is no real feud between them.

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In a TikTok promoting his new song “1000 Miles,” LAROI asked viewers to “show [him] your last mistake.” He used the lyrics, Here goes another mistake I know I’m gon’ make / I know I’m gon’ make tonight / And I will never change. But when LAROI showed his “mistake,” it was several pictures of his former manager Scooter Braun.

However, Braun posted on his Instagram story yesterday (April 14) with screenshots that suggest otherwise. “For those asking about the beef… and my friends who are wanting to go hard… Don’t believe everything you see on the internet,” Braun wrote. He shared screenshots of his recent messages with LAROI, talking about new song ideas for them to work on and sending funny selfies. 

Braun also noted that LAROI’s song, “1000 Miles” was produced by one of his own clients, Andrew Watts. Despite LAROI’s comment that working with Braun was a “mistake,” the two are clearly still in contact and regularly collaborate.

One of Braun’s screenshots showed a message he sent to LAROI about the TikTok. “People are calling from the media thinking you and I got real beef,” Braun said in a text. LAROI responded, “LMAO I’m dead. They’re quick with it!” The friendly messages negate the idea that the two are still on bad terms after LAROI’s departure from Braun’s management.

These screenshots clarify that there is no real drama between LAROI and Braun. Some have speculated that LAROI may have even meant that his “mistake” was leaving Braun for different management in 2021. 

If the video was a publicity stunt, it definitely worked. It has received over 3.3 million views, meaning each viewer has also heard the snippet of LAROI’s new song. While LAROI and Braun do not appear to have any bad blood, LAROI has not explicitly stated what his true intentions with the video were.

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