The Meaning Behind “A Letter to My Mama” by Vince Gill and How His Mom Whooped Someone Right in Front of Him

Most enduring country songs share real-life stories. It’s a genre that works best with experience and truth, even when the truth is uncomfortable. When Vince Gill released “A Letter to My Mama,” he was 61, and it’s the kind of song you can’t write without a lot of living behind you.

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Composing a tender ballad is nothing new for Gill, who was born with a voice destined to be a country crooner. However, you wouldn’t imagine he inherited his gentle spirit from a parent who occasionally put up her dukes.

What makes Gill’s letter so intriguing is the gritty story behind how tough his mother was.

Thank You Note

 “A Letter to My Mama” from Gill’s 2019 album Okie is both a thank you note and an apology. He writes plainly and sings wistfully about youthful mistakes and selfishness.

Oh, I need to write a letter
Put it down in black and white
No, a phone call just won’t cut it
Not the way I feel tonight

A letter to my Mama
From the bottom of my heart
“I’m sorry” is a real good place to start

With Gill’s twilight years on the horizon, he reflected on his life and let it pour while writing Okie. “A Letter to My Mama,” co-written with Dean Dillon, is powerful in its sheer vulnerability.

Oh, I’ve written down the memories
Of these sixty-some-odd years
Trying hard to just say “Thank you.”
As I wipe away the tears

Epistolary, Stationery, and Emojis

Letters had many purposes in history. People used letters for education or to deliver the news—the OG newsletter. They also wrote letters to express love and longing.

However, communication has slowly devolved into misspelled text messages with butchered forms of shorthand punctuated by emojis and !!!’s—not quite as romantic as a handwritten letter.

A letter in song form is equally moving. As the world quits on patience, it’s worth relishing a track like “A Letter to My Mama” and its grace. (Imagine if Gill had prompted ChatGPT to “Write a thank you note to my Mama.”)


After completing the song, Gill played it for his mother. While listening in headphones, she closed her eyes and nodded along. As her son apologized on the recording, his mother, still listening, said, “You weren’t selfish; you were sweet.”

I’m sorry I was selfish
Just chalk it up to youth

However, when she heard the lyric about her ex-husband, she said, “That son of a b—h.”

I’m sorry things didn’t work out
For you and my old man
Sometimes life don’t turn out
Like you plan

After receiving his mother’s reaction, Gill knew he was on the right track with the song.

A Fight in the Driveway

Gill described his mother as an “old school farm girl from Kansas, tougher than anybody I ever met.” He added, “She whooped some lady’s a– right in front of me.”

The whooping happened when Gill was 7 years old. An argument between his mother and a neighbor escalated to the point of threats. The neighbor said, “Well, lady, I might just have to cut your head off.”

Gill’s mother responded, “Well, you’re just about damn crazy enough to try.” According to Gill, the woman did try and “got her a– beat.” Holding a gardening tool, the neighbor headed down the driveway to attack Gill’s mother. He said, “My Mama took that [garden] hoe away from her and just wore her a– out.”

Then, both women’s husbands arrived home and separated the brawlers. Gill joked that he feared his mother as much as his father. Two weeks later, the neighbor moved away.

Too Much A– Kicking and Time for New Knees

At 89, Gill’s mother contemplated replacing both knees. She was unsure because of her age, but Gill convinced her to proceed with the surgery. He said she’d worn them out “kicking too much a–.”

Vince Gill is known for many things. He’s a sweet-voiced balladeer who also out-shreds most guitarists, though he chooses restraint over flash. Perhaps growing up observing how quickly things can escalate taught him valuable lessons.

“A Letter to My Mama” is poignant on many levels. Only with hindsight do we see the overwhelming burdens of parenting. Though Gill thought he was a selfish child, his mother saw a sweet boy. Judging by the way Gill carries himself, it seems, once again, his mother was right.

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