The Meaning Behind the Song ‘Unapologize’ by Carrie Underwood

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American Idol’s season four sweetheart, Carrie Underwood has come into her own, becoming a force to be reckoned with since she stepped off the Idol stage and into country stardom. When Underwood lets her walls down and lays her emotions bare, that’s where her artistry shines.

One of her early songs puts that vulnerability on display. Join us as we dive into the meaning behind “Unapologize.”

Behind the Lyrics

“This has been kind of my first attempt at love songs, and I think there’s a reason for that,” the singer told the Associated Press of her third release, the 2009 album Play On. “I think it’s because I’m a private person anyway, and I’m not so great with emotions. I consider myself more boyish in that way, so I’m pretty closed off. But you know when you’re happy in your life, you can just kind of tell.”

During the time Play On was created and “Unapologize” written, the very private Underwood had confirmed her relationship with the man who would be her future husband, professional hockey player Mike Fisher. Admitting the love of her life inspired the album, Play On deals heavily with matters of the heart. “Unapologize” is one of seven tracks— the majority of which are love songs— on the record with co-writing credited to the singer.

Her new relationship definitely fueled the confessional ballad as a romance at its turning point is illustrated in the lyrics. The beginning of the song sets the scene of a woman who has recently regurgitated her feelings toward a significant other.

Last night, I was pourin’ out my heart
Like a waterfall to you
And with one kiss, I was a runaway train
Flyin’ off the track to you
“I love you” came floodin’ out
Couldn’t make it stop, couldn’t shut my mouth
I felt like a fool when I lied and said I was sorry

Revisit “Unapologize,” below.

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