The Top 10 Phish Songs

For decades now, the psychedelic rock band Phish has been wowing audiences with big, anthemic guitar solos, extended jams in the middle of their mind-bending songs, and live shows that are unparalleled since the days of the Grateful Dead.

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Consequently, when many think of Phish, a band fronted by the standout guitar player Trey Anastasio,  they think of their illustrious, lengthy live performances. But the Burlington, Vermont-born band boasts many great studio songs.

Indeed, the band has released 16 studio LPs, from Junta in 1989 to Get More Down in 2022. And here, we will dive into the band’s Top 10 songs—their indisputable best.

1. “Farmhouse”

Perhaps the most commercial song in the history of the band, “Farmhouse” was written based on a note left to Anastasio and compatriots when they stayed at a friend’s … well, farmhouse. They shortly turned their stay into a tune on the 2000 album of the same name. It features, like a lot of Phish songs, a blissful guitar solo.

2. “Bouncing ‘Round The Room”

A fun, at times nonsensical, at times stream-of-consciousness song, this track is almost cultish in its delivery, buoyed by bright pianos and made thick with gang vocals. The song comes from the band’s 1990 album, Lawn Boy.

3. “Velvet Sea”

From the 1998 Phish album, The Story of the Ghost, “Velvet Sea” is another sweet-sounding tune that features a life-changing guitar solo. Like the song’s title, the track feels velvety.

4. “Fluffed/Fluff’s Travels”

These two back-to-back songs on the debut Phish album, Junta, are favorites amongst Phish fans. Together, they total 15 minutes. They include strange storytelling, Charlie Brown Christmas-Esque piano playing, and a unique mystique all to themselves. The musicianship is remarkable.

5. “You Enjoy Myself”

Another Phish classic from the group’s 1989 debut, “You Enjoy Myself” has been played the most of any track by the band, having been played 33% of the time during their first 1,800 shows. It involves syncopated timing, chord changes, and just about every other musical complexity.

6. “Free”

An epic climax of a song, this splash into consciousness is about losing yourself. Or so it seems. This is a soothing sonic firework, if there ever was a thing. It’s a meditation-made musical from the band’s 1996 album, Billy Breathes.

7. “The Divided Sky”

Oh, just your average 12-minute studio track with enough wends and bends to be the Colorado River.

8. “Reba”

From the band’s sophomore album, Lawn Boy, “Reba” is what happens when you go into the rabbit hole and end up in a psychedelic story. It’s a tune rooted in repetition and the odd. But that’s what makes it unusual and intriguing. It’s a spell.

9. “Character Zero”

Another from the 1996 classic, Billy Breathes, the opening guitar lick from this track is bluesy and memorable. But then the song expands like a universe into much more. It’s the big band turned into an epic jam tune. Remarkable stuff. Such confidence.

10. “Fee”

From the debut, Junta, “Fee,” which opens the album, features perhaps the most memorable pure story written by Phish. The story of Fee, a Buddhist prodigy, who is also a weasel that gets into more and more trouble as the song goes on.

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