‘The Voice’: Sister Trio Sorellé Turn Seats with a Harmonious Performance of a Queen Deep Cut

Three voices turned a few chairs Monday night (March 6) on The Voice‘s blind auditions.

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The show’s season 23 premiere saw the Ohio-formed trio Sorellé – comprised of sisters Madi, Ana, and Bella—take on a challenging rendition of Queen’s “Good Old-Fashioned Loverboy.” The result was a theatrical, yet angelic offering for this season’s judges.

Impressively in sync, the group’s harmonies were unwavering. The seated coaches—artists Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan, and Chance the Rapper—all traded glances throughout the melodious performance.

By the chorus, Blake had turned his chair with Chance following suit by the song’s close.

“What are you doing turning around, Chance? This is embarrassing,” Blake teased, saying to the trio, “I would be honored to have you on the last Team Blake.”

“I thought it was really cool what you were doing,” Kelly chimed in. “That’s really hard to hold on to those kinds of dissonant harmonies all at once and not waver. That was really well done. I’m really stoked to see what you’re going to do on this show.”

Niall remarked on his regret for not turning, saying “This reason I didn’t turn, personally, I was trying to think ‘what could I bring to the table?'”

Chance asked the three how they got their start, and they revealed their massive TikTok following of 3.2 million. The group was first formed by the elder sisters Madi, 21, and Ana, 20, with Bella, 15, joining only recently.

Coach Chance noted his initial hesitations surrounding their harmonies. “But I started to notice over time that it was intentional and it was really giving it this theatrical, almost show tunes feel to it that I think is really dope.

“In hip-hop, artists like Kendrick Lamar and Drake, they find younger artists like you guys that put together harmonics and sample those and those become the biggest records that you hear on the radio,” the rapper explained to the trio. “And I would love to put you guys in a position to be able to create some of that stuff from scratch like that.”

Blake made his own argument, going toe to toe with Chance’s offer. “You could pick Chance with the goal of someday hoping to be featured on somebody else’s record or you could pick Team Blake and make your own record.”

Chance asked the trio to perform a three-part harmony of one simple line which they did perfectly under his direction. “I’m telling y’all, I got y’all. I got a vision,” he told the group.

In the end, Sorellé chose Chance to be their coach on this season of The Voice. Check out their blind audition below.

Photo by Casey Durkin/NBC

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