The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round…

The wheels on the bus go round and round….nacho libre on in the front lounge…I’m in my bunk.
Yesterday we woke up in chicago and spilled out onto the streets like mad zombies in search of coffee…check….some thrift store shopping….sarah found the coolest vintage dress and Ashley whilst slightly miffed found her own little number….I found a bench and sat on it in the sun and people watched for a while.
A group of people walked by with a dog and he took a big poop right on the side walk….Everybody laughed there ass off including me….and then the guy who owned him had to clean it up…ah responsibilities!!..where do they end?.

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Last nights show in chicago was probably the best of the tour so far. Andrew and Kyle were home town heros and Schubas was packed. Everybody really rose to the occasion…It’s amazing what a room full of people rooting for you can do!!. Morale was high after the show and everybody indulged in celebratory beers and pizza!!….Erin Macarly and her crew were in town with a day off so it was nice to see some familiar faces!.

I’ve been on a lot of tours since I quit high school when I was seventeen….being thrown together with ten pretty wildly different personalities for three weeks and working almost every night unloading the gear, playing the show and then packing it back up (everyone has plenty of bruises), you would think it would be a recipe for disaster….but I can honestly say I will look back on this as one of the most fun chapters of my life….everyone genuinely cares about each other (half of us have been sick with the flu) but everyone watches out for each other and night after night everyone gives it there all….It’s been really nice to hear people from the crowd say how much they enjoyed the camaraderie on stage….I think everyone is looking forward to a night in there own beds but secretly I think we are all a little bummed that this is coming to an end…that being said I’m anticipating the Nashville show to be pretty epic…

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