Inside The Ten Out of Tenn Tour: Sarah Battles A Bug

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Sarah Siskind:

wow…where to begin? there are 12 of us on a tour bus, including the drummer and tour manager. they have all been patient with me as after my first show back with them after missing 3 shows, i came down with a wicked sinus/ear/throat infection. this doesn’t mix with bus life, or much else. so, i’ve been the sickly one curled up in my bunk…but have still loved rocking out at the shows. i’m full of antibiotics now and feeling better, but my cough is still echoing through the bunks at night. :-/ my oh my…what timing!!

however, all that aside, it’s a real treat to be going to all these cool cities with these cool folks. jedd hughes shreds my face off every night on ‘dress me up.’ mikky ekko brings me to tears every night with his song ‘i love you’. and trent dabbs, i discovered last night in a disco bar, is a top notch dancer! madi, your perfect pitch! kyle, your infectious hooks! ashley, your honey dripping vocals! joy, your smile and gorgeous piping lungs! k.s. – where do i start? geez. andrew, your hair hat and songs that won’t get out of my head! i love you guys.

sitting in a starbucks in richmond now about to head back to the bus and find something i’ve heard of that sometimes exists…a shower?




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