The Who’s Roger Daltrey on Long-Awaited Keith Moon Biopic: “It Will Be Made”

It has been about a year since a biographical drama about The Who’s late drummer Keith Moon was said to be in the works. Early 2022 reports said the movie would begin shooting that summer, but like several things tied to this endeavor, that never happened.

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Numerous setbacks have plagued the project since it was first conceptualized in 2005. However, the rock band’s frontman Roger Daltrey recently provided an update on the long-awaited biopic, saying “It will be made.”

Daltrey confirmed in an interview with NME that he has completed a script that just needs a response. “I’m waiting on a reply from a director that I was talking to prior to starting writing the script,” he told the outlet. “I’m very pleased with the script, it will be made. As soon as he’s finished the film that he’s on, he will read it and I’ll get a reply from him. Hopefully, we’ll get it made ASAP.

“It’s a tricky one, and it’s taken me a long, long time,” he continued, adding the daunting task of getting the film off the ground. “A myriad of writers came up with failed scripts to finally make me sit down and write the kind of story I had in my head of how to tell a story that engages people, that really does expose the full Moon.”

Daltrey along with bandmate Pete Townshend will act as executive producers on the film, one that will detail the life and legacy of the late drummer who passed away in 1978 from a drug overdose at the age of 32.

“He was flawed like we all are,” Daltrey said of Moon. “But he was wonderful and he was an absolute uncontrolled genius. And people like him are greatly missed in life today because life is so full of fucking mediocrity, it’s unbelievable.”

As for who will play the drummer, Daltrey said he has a “template” in mind, adding “there was something about the original Moon that has to be there in whoever I get to play Keith Moon in this.”

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