Tom Morello Shares Awesome Moment When His Mom Became a Question on ‘Jeopardy!’

Jeopardy! is more than a television show, it’s a cultural touchstone. Becoming a question on the iconic show is proof that one has made their mark on the culture at large. Recently, Tom Morello and his mother, Mary Morello’s names appeared as a question. Morello took to social media to share the special moment.

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Morello wasn’t just excited to see his name on one of the biggest game shows in history. In his post, he noted that he and his mother have watched the show together for years. This fact made the moment that much more special.

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“For many years, I’ve watched Jeopardy! with my mom (and still do) so this right here is an excellent moment,” he wrote in the post. He attached a photo of the question as well. “Tom Morello’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Acceptance Speech on his band’s behalf thanked Tom’s mom, a centenarian teacher and activist.”

Tom Morello Thanks His Mom in His Rock Hall Acceptance Speech

Ice-T inducted Rage Against the Machine into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on November 3. Most of the band skipped the ceremony. Morello, however, was there to accept the honor. That night, he used the platform to deliver an inspiring speech.

Throughout the first half of his speech, he thanked the fans of Rage Against the Machine and talked about the world-changing power of music. Then, he spoke to the crowd and everyone watching at home and those who will hear the speech online in the future about changing things for the better. “The world is not going to change itself. Throughout history those who have changed the world in progressive, radical, or even revolutionary ways do not have any more money, power, courage, intelligence, or creativity than anyone watching tonight,” he said.

He used the final moments of his speech to thank his mother, Mary Morello, who is a lifelong activist and radical. She taught him how to stand up and speak truth to power. He ended with a message from her, “History, like music, is not something that happens. It’s something you make.”

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