Jelly Roll Reflects on Having Stagecoach Crowd Serenade Daughter Bailee Ann for Her 16th Birthday

Last Friday (April 26), Jelly Roll made his Stagecoach Festival debut. He called several special guests to the stage. For instance, Maddie & Tae joined him for a new song called “Liar.” Later in the evening, T-Pain joined him for a cover of Toby Keith’s “Should’ve Been a Cowboy.” However, the highlight of his set was a sweet family moment when he called Bunnie Xo and Bailee Ann to the stage.

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He started by addressing the crowd, saying, “I could almost get emotional up here just thinking of what it feels like to be opening up for Eric Church on the opening night of Stagecoach. I know this might seem a little corny, y’all, but it’s just who I am. I really want to share this moment with my beautiful wife if that’s okay,” he said before calling Bunnie to the stage. “Y’all make some noise for the woman that changed my life,” he said as she came from the wings.

Then, before calling Bailee out, he said, “This may seem a little more corny, but, I had to get cool dad points. I took my daughter out of school today and I flew her to California for the show. Don’t tell her teacher.”

Jelly Roll then informed the crowd that it was almost her 16th birthday and led them in singing “Happy Birthday” to her.

Yesterday (April 29), Jelly Roll sat down with Good Morning America to talk about his Stagecoach experience and the moment he shared with Bunnie and Bailee on the stage.

Jelly Roll on Having the Festival Crowd Sing to Bailee Ann

“It was really cool, man,” Jelly Roll said of the moment. “She’s about two weeks away from her birthday, but it was the closest I was ever gonna get to having that many people singing to her,” he added.

“She was embarrassed, but in a good way,” he recalled. “I like in a real fun-hearted way.”

She may have been embarrassed at the moment. However, that is something she’s sure to remember for the rest of her life. Cool dad points, indeed.

Featured Image by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Stagecoach

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