Tom Petty Estate “Shocked” that Kari Lake “Illegally” Used Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” for Campaign

The estate for the legendary singer/songwriter Tom Petty won’t back down from claims that Arizona gubernatorial candidate, who lost her recent election, “illegally” used Petty’s song “I Won’t Back Down” in her run for election.

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“The Tom Petty estate and our partners were shocked to find out that Tom’s song ‘I Won’t Back Down’ was stolen and used without permission or a license to promote Kari Lake’s failed campaign,” the estate wrote on Twitter.

“This is illegal. We are exploring all of our legal options to stop this unauthorized use and to prohibit future misappropriations of Tom’s beloved anthem. @KariLake. Thank you to all of the fans who brought this to our attention and who help us protect his legacy every day.”

Petty’s song is often used in politics, it’s a natural fit for an “underdog” candidate who “won’t back down” to outside pressures. To use the song without permission on such a stage isn’t legal and Petty’s estate is working to ensure it won’t happen again with Lake.

Petty, of course, has ties to Florida but was not a resident of Arizona, where Lake ran and lost.

Lake, who is an election denier, received backlash with the replies to the Petty estate’s tweet. Wrote one social media user, “Stop The Steal of songs without permission.”

Wrote another Twitter user, “She no doubt didn’t buy “Sync Rights” to use any of your music as a theme or repeated intro/outro, and you have every right irrespective of any contract or agreement to regulate association with anyone who would cause damage to your reputation, to wit: Kari Lake.

“Also even if someone buys ASCAP rights for background music, that does NOT allow them to record this to a film or video – DRAG THEM IN COURT”

No comment from Lake on her social media regarding the issue.

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