Dolly Parton Releases Greatest Hits Album ‘Diamonds and Rhinestones’

Dolly Parton has released her newest album, a greatest hits collection called, Diamonds and Rhinestones.

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Parton, who is the current American Songwriter magazine cover artist, shared the news of the new release on Twitter, writing to her many fans, “It’s finally here. My greatest hits album, ‘Diamonds and Rhinestones’ is out now! This is a collection of songs that are very near and dear to my heart. Grab yourself a copy and enjoy some of my favorite hits!”

The new release comes on the heels of the legendary songwriter and performer earning induction into the prestigious Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. In her acceptance speech, Parton declared, “I’m a rock star now!”

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The greatest hits album also comes amidst a time when Parton is releasing a new holiday album, a new holiday movie, and earlier this year, she released her latest solo LP, Run, Rose Run, along with an accompanying novel, which she helped co-write with author James Patterson.

In American Songwriter’s cover story with Parton, she talked about her talent and the recognition she receives. However, she also talked about not wanting to be put on a pedestal.

“Nobody wants to be put on any kind of a pedestal,” Parton tells American Songwriter. “Because people also love to knock you off. Because I’m not all that. I just try to do my best. I’ve been as open and as honest as I can be and I’m certainly no angel. As I say, ‘I just play one on TV.’”

She added, “But I still feel a pride in thinking maybe I’ve done something good enough for people to trust me,” says Parton. “I think you can trust me to tell the truth, too, about myself. Sometimes I think, no, back off a little bit. I don’t want to be that responsible [for high praise]. Because I don’t really feel that I deserve all the stuff that people pile on me because I’m just a person working hard.” 

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Parton also recently received $100 million from Jeff Bezos and Amazon for the annual Courage and Civility Award. The money will go to charities of Parton’s choosing.

As she told American Songwriter, “I believe that I had a talent and I believed that God gave that to me, and I believed that I had a responsibility. To respect it and to develop it and to do whatever I could with it. I believed that was my way out of the mountains and a way to be helpful to my people, in addition to following a dream of my own.”

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