Top 5 Beatles Songs Covered by Other Artists

The Beatles are hallowed ground. It takes a pretty confident artist to try and cover one of their tunes. The foursome’s original versions are undisputed classics. Though their renditions will always be the definitive, there are a few covers that almost measure up to the original. Find five such covers below.

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1. “Yesterday” (Ray Charles)

Ray Charles covered a few Beatles songs in his time, but none stand up against his rendition of “Yesterday.” While Paul McCartney’s intimate vocals in the original version of the song are affecting enough, the emotion of the song is revved up by Charles’ soul-touching voice.

2. “We Can Work It Out” (Stevie Wonder)

Stevie Wonder adds a little funk to “We Can Work It Out.” While the original version of the song treks along with a steady rhythm, Wonder’s rendition is chock full of surprises and ad-libs. A solo from Wonder’s trademark harmonica adds something innate to this cover.

3. “Across the Universe” (Fiona Apple)

Fiona Apple delivered a dreamy cover of the Beatles’ “Across the Universe” in 1998. Her rendition speaks to the timeless nature of the Beatles’ catalog. In the accompanying music video, Apple floats around a diner that is slowly being destroyed around her. Listening to this cover feels much the same: a gentle, floating feeling that drowns out the noise of the world.

4. “All My Loving” (Amy Winehouse)

Amy Winehouse covered this early Beatles cut on BBC Three in 2004. As with every song Winehouse ever touched, this cover is pure gold. Who better to carry on the crooning tradition of the Beatles’ earliest offerings than Winehouse?

5. “In My Life” (Madison Cunningham)

Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Madison Cunningham covered the Beatles classic “In My Life” in 2021. Her slow, acoustic version of the song leaves nothing to distract from the powerful lyrics. Cunningham’s stunning vocals are just the ticket for this nostalgic and comforting track.

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  1. Forgot these actual hits on the radio: Got To Get You Into My Life (Earth, Wind and Fire), Lucy In The Sky WIth Diamonds (Elton John), With A Little Help From My Friends (Joe Cocker), Ticket To Ride (The Carpenters), Hey Jude (Wilson Pickett), While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Jake Shimabukuro), Taxman (Stevie Ray Vaughan),.

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