Travis Barker Helps Remix Gavin Haley and Yung Pinch’s “Tati”

“I was in Nashville writing with some homies and this song just happened,” says Gavin Haley of his track “Tati.” It’s about a girl—a really cool girl from the valley. Tati is that woman you just can’t stop thinking about after you go cruising in California, to the North side.

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“When [Yung] Pinch sent his verse back, I think I listened like 11 times in a row,” says Haley of the track. “His flow is so smooth and it really brought this one together for me. I don’t think I’ve ever made something that makes you wanna move like this. That feeling of being in love and everything is easy… at least for a little bit. ‘Tati’ is for the good times.”

Originally released in March via Red Bull Records by Haley and rapper Pinch, “Tati” was still ringing in Haley’s ears and needed new life, so he pulled in Blink-182’s Travis Barker for a remix. Revealing a more sonic tale of infatuation, Pinch, who recently collaborated with Wiz Khalifa and Pouya for his Back 2 The Beach, perfectly breaks in with his own delivery.

Also a follow up to Haley’s recent EP, 2019’s Long Game and building on singles like “The Way I Am” featuring Ella Vos and “Jet Lag”, “Tati” mixes all the easy pop and R & B fusion, propulsed by Barker’s added instrumentation.

A former professional cyclist, Haley’s lyrics reveal something more bare and optimistic in “Tati” chorus There’s this girl Called Tati / I love the way she move in the night time / There’s this girl from the valley / I feel like this could last for a lifetime.

“When I found out Travis was going to remix ‘Tati,’ I’m pretty sure I danced in my room for like five minutes,” says Haley. “Aside from being so talented, I really respect his lifestyle and the energy he’s about. The collaboration is surreal to me.”

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