Used Cassettes Premiere “Dirty Beaches” Off Final, Forthcoming LP

Seoul-based band, Used Cassettes, premieres a music video for their lead single, “Dirty Beaches.” The track is the first from their final, self-titled LP after a long journey as a musical group, slated for release on June 5th. Used Cassettes are quite an eclectic group of ex-pats with members from The United States, South Africa, and Canada. 

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“From the beginning, we knew the melody had something special in it, a melodic nod to ballads from the ’50s and ’60s. As a band, we were all dealing with the fact that we were going our own ways,” the band shared about their latest work. “All of us were going through difficult personal emotions at the time. “Dirty Beaches” waltzes that balance of appreciating what you had and the pain of moving on.”

They filmed the video on the sublime East Sea coastline of South Korea. Directed by lead singer, Danny Arens, the dim footage exudes some of the grief the band discussed over their decision to conclude their musical journey. 

Bonded together by their shared experience, far from home in a foreign country, the band knew that there was a ticking clock on their existence due to the ever-changing ex-pat life circumstances. “To be honest, at the start, we never imagined we would make so many albums and come this far. It was hard to come to grips with, but after ten years of rock n’ roll, the winds of fate were carrying us to separate shores,” the band shared about their impending end.

The group prides itself on their ability to balance music with the rest of their lives, challenging each other to be better musicians while supporting their exterior goals and growth.  Over the years, they’ve broken into Korea’s rock top 40, become the first group of foreigners to ever sign with a top-tier local label, played the Asian festival circuit, and markedly starred in a comic book series read by millions. The group wrote this farewell album at the height of their creativity. Between back-to-back shows and regular recording sessions, the LP blossomed. 

“Deep down, we all knew it was the last one,” the band admitted with sorrow. “The bittersweet nature of that particular moment really brought something out in the music. At the time, recording this album felt like a long, slow goodbye. There’s a good bit of bittersweet rock n’ roll here, but it still rocks out in that classic UC way.”

This pandemic proves to the world that much can be accomplished remotely. However, Used Cassettes feels that it goes against their “ethos” as a band to collaborate from a distance. The fellow artists feel the need to be together in a room, in a moment. This album capture that moment in their last season of physical togetherness. 

Watch the premiere of “Dirty Beaches” from Used Cassettes below. Follow along as the band shares the rest of their final, self-titled LP this year. 

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