Vanessa Hudgens Delivers Blunt 1-Word Answer About Her Music Future After Winning ‘Masked Singer’

Despite her appearance on The Masked Singer, Vanessa Hudgens won’t be returning to music any time soon. She won the show on May 22 as Goldfish, but recently shared that music isn’t a priority for her right now. Hudgens hasn’t released music since the 2008 album Identified, two years after her debut, V.

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Speaking with Billboard, Hudgens was asked if she could ever return to music. She answered with a resounding, “No.” she then added, “I always say life is about priorities, and that is not a priority right now.”

She did admit, “I feel like it’s something I will always have in my back pocket.” While Hudgens might not be open to making more albums, she expressed her musical side through projects like The Masked Singer. She told People that the show was the most authentic she has felt in a while.

“I’ve been in the spotlight for many, many moons now, and there’s just a preconceived idea, I think, when you see yourself on stage, that you’re familiar with,” she said. She continued, “And being able to take that away and be completely stripped of that and show up as myself and feel completely free to do so, because I was completely covered up really just gave me a sense of freedom that I hadn’t had in a minute. And it was really empowering.”

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Vanessa Hudgens On How The Masked Singer Showed Who Her Real Fans Are

Vanessa Hudgens also shared that her fans wanted her to sing more, and The Masked Singer was her way of giving that to them. Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Hudgens shared that the show came at a great time in her life.

“It came at the perfect time,” she said. “We were on strike and I was trying to figure out my next move, and this is the space that I actually could work in.”

She added, “And my fans have been asking for me to sing more. I was like, ‘Well, this is the way to give it to them and see who the real fans are!’ And they definitely showed up.”

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