Vince Gill and Patty Loveless’ “When I Call Your Name” Performance Might Be the “Most Spectacular Duet” in Music History

For nearly 50 years, Vince Gill called the stage his home as the singer started his career in bluegrass. But given his talent when it comes to singing and songwriting, Gill expanded his career as he released over a dozen albums and gained numerous awards. Besides his own career, the singer also collaborated with stars like Kelly Clarkson, Maren Morris, Brooks & Dunn, and Patty Loveless. Known for his tenor voice, Gill once teamed up with Loveless to cover the 1989 classic hit “When I Call Your Name.” 

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While performing the song years ago, the duet with Loveless and Gill is completely mesmerizing as it brought in over 100,000 views. Outside of performing the song on stage, Loveless also performed the backing vocals for the song that went on to reach the No. 2 spot on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. 

Looking at the comments, fans simply gushed over the collaboration and stage presence of both Gill and Loveless. Comments included, “When God gave out gifts of singing and song, Patty and Vince were given an extra dose! Thank you Father for choosing these two wonderful people for sharing with the rest of us.” Another person continued, “I remember the first time I heard this song I think it literally broke my heart.  In my opinion it did its job that day. That is what I think music should do for us. Make us feel.” 

In fact, some fans think so highly of the collaboration that they firmly place it among the greatest duets of all time. “That might be the most spectacular duet by any two people singing any music in the history of recorded music,” one fan wrote. A ton more listeners pilled on, “Agree. Spot on 100 percent correct,” a fan wrote in response. “Could not agree more,” another added. “Totally agree with that. Those two could sing anything together,” an additional fan chimed in.

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Vince Gill Opens Up About Working With The Eagles

While enjoying his solo career, Gill also played a crucial part in the Eagles as he joined the group following the death of Glenn Frey. When speaking about his time with the band, Gill admitted to focusing on what not to play. He told Guitar World, “I know what’s needed and don’t waste time playing stuff that no one wants to hear. It’s interesting because as I’ve gotten older, I spend more time thinking about what not to play. That’s very different from when I was young and constantly thinking about playing as much as possible.”

Enjoying his time with the Eagles, Gill added his role in the band wasn’t about him. “I don’t take ownership of a single note within that music because I didn’t create any of it. That would be foolish of me to do, though I do have enough respect for it that I really want to try to honor the songs and be respectful of what they are…”

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