Vince Gill Gives Perfect Answer to Who Is the Greatest Guitar Player Ever

Vince Gill has gained a reputation for two things over the course of his 40-plus-year career. Just about any artist that’s ever worked with him will tell you he’s one of the nicest guys in Nashville. Also, anyone who has heard him play guitar can attest to the fact that he’s one of the best in the business. With a background in bluegrass, country-rock, and country, he’s arguably one of the best guitarists in the business today.

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In a recent interview with Guitar World, Gill talked about playing rhythm guitar for the Eagles, how he fits into the band, and more. During the conversation, he shared his thoughts on the debate surrounding the best guitar player ever.

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Who Is the Best Guitar Player Ever? Vince Gill Weighs In

As a stellar six-string slinger, Vince Gill has answered this question several times over the years. He shared his honest thoughts about it with Guitar World. “People always ask me, ‘Who is the greatest guitar player ever?’ I always say, ‘There’s no such thing,’” he told the publication.

“Why does anyone have to be the best? There’s a bunch of good players,” he said. “It’s funny how guitar playing turns into a matter of outplaying each other. I don’t want to show anyone up. I like things simple. That’s how I live my life. That makes sense to me,” he added.

Later in the conversation, he explained how he stays inspired as a guitar player after all these years. “It’s interesting because as I’ve gotten older, I spend more time thinking about what not to play,” he explained. “That’s very different from when I was young and constantly thinking about playing as much as possible. My mindset is all about brevity and restraint now,” he added.

He went on to reveal that he sees that in his current bandmate and exemplary guitarist Joe Walsh. “That’s what I love about the way Joe plays—he shows tremendous restraint. He could play more, but he doesn’t. I really enjoy that,” he said.

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