Watch: Adele Pays Tribute to Late ‘Friends’ Star Matthew Perry: “He Played One of the Best Comedic Characters of All Time”

Over the weekend, Adele took time during her Las Vegas residency performance to honor late Friends star Matthew Perry.

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Perry died on Saturday (October 28). His assistant found him unresponsive in the hot tub of his Los Angeles home. At this time, no cause of death is available. However, it is clear that the actor touched many lives during his all-too-short career.

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Perry’s IMDb page shows that he held 57 roles while he was active. However, none of them was as memorable or culturally impactful as Chandler Bing on Friends. The NBC sitcom about a group of friends trying to make sense of life in New York continues to be incredibly popular. Fans of the show would argue that Perry’s comedic timing and chemistry with his fellow cast members is a large portion of the show’s staying power.

Adele is one of countless people whose lives were touched by Perry’s performance in the series. The British singer noted that she never met Perry. However, he was still at the heart of some of her fondest memories. “This is what I find so strange, I never met him in my life. There is something. You feel so sad about it especially because you don’t necessarily know what was going on,” she told the crowd.

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“One of my favorite memories of when I was younger, with my friends, and one of my friends, Andrew when I was 12 did the best Chandler impression,” she recalled. “He would do it all the time to make us laugh. If anyone was having a bad day or feeling low, he would pretend to be Chandler. I will remember that character for the rest of my life.”

In fact, Chandler had such an impact on her life that she went on a Friends tour the first time she visited New York. “He was a really big part of my life,” she added.

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Additionally, the singer praised Perry for his openness. “He was so open about his struggles with addiction and sobriety which I think is incredibly, incredibly brave.”

Before dedicating her song “When We Were Young” to Perry, she added, “And yeah, I just want to say how much I love what he did for us, especially what he did for me. He played one of the best comedic characters of all time. Hopefully, now he can rest in peace.”

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