Luke Bryan Opens up About His Friendship With Katy Perry and Her Departure From ‘American Idol’

Earlier this year, Katy Perry announced that she plans to leave American Idol after this season ends. She announced the career change on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live and said she plans to make new music. In a recent interview, her fellow judge Luke Bryan opened up about her departure from the show and their friendship.

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Over the weekend, Bryan attended Audacy’s Totally Private to play a private show for a small crowd of lucky fans. Before taking the stage, he spoke with Katie Neal about fishing, new music, American Idol, and more. He was more than willing to discuss his feelings on Perry and her departure from the hit show.

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Luke Bryan Reacts to Katy Perry Leaving American Idol

After talking about former Idol contestant Chayce Beckham and the current iteration of the series, Neal asked Bryan for his opinion on Perry’s exit from the show. “You know, I had thought she might be [leaving],” he began. “I feel that she’s been just a rockstar on the show,” he continued. Then, he talked about the friendship that blossomed between the two stars over the years.

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“When you’re working alongside somebody like that, you’ve got to trust each other and you’ve got to help each other out on the rough days. We’ve had a great time together,” he said. “When I took the Idol gig, I knew that she had already signed up to do it but I didn’t know her,” Bryan recalled. “Seven years later, to have spent so much time with her has been pretty awesome. She’s a trip,” he added. “For me to be a friend of hers through her pregnancy and watching her grow into motherhood from start to finish and just watching how sweet she is to Daisy. It’s been a fun ride.”

Then, Luke Bryan added, “I think she knows whenever she’s in Nashville to hit me up and vice versa. I always need good restaurant recommendations from her.”

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