Watch Trailer for Upcoming Beach Boys Documentary, Featuring Janelle Monae, Ryan Tedder & More

The first trailer for The Beach Boys’ new self-titled documentary that’s set to premiere May 24 on the Disney+ streaming service has debuted on YouTube.

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The two-minute-plus promo offers glimpses at various aspects of the legendary group’s career, and features new interviews with some of the band members, as well as with OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder, Janelle Monae, and acclaimed producer/musician Don Was.

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In addition, the trailer features a variety of archival film clips of The Beach Boys, and is soundtracked by several of the band’s famous songs.

“Man, they made me want to go to where they had cars, and girls in bikinis, and sun,” Was declares at one point.

Tedder adds, “Their music takes you someplace.”

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Founding Beach Boys singer Mike Love then is heard acknowledging the group’s frequently troubled history.

“There’s definitely been ups and downs,” he says. “We’ve probably been counted out half a dozen times.”

Among the trials the group has faced are the early deaths of founding members Dennis and Carl Wilson, the mental health struggles of their brother Brian, and various intra-group legal conflicts and rifts.

The documentary makes a point to acknowledge the close familial connection within The Beach Boys. The trailer includes an archival audio clip of Brian explaining that the group features “three brothers, Brian, Dennis and Carl; a cousin, Mike Love; and our good friend, Al Jardine.” He adds, “That’s family to me.”

Poignant Comments from Late Band Members Dennis and Carl Wilson

The promo also features a poignant archival interview segments with Dennis and Carl.

“We used to sing three-part harmony in the back seat of the car,” Dennis shares in one clip. “And that’s the birth of the brothers singing together.”

An interview segment with Carl follows in which he notes about the band, “We’ve known each other for a really long time, and there really is a great deal of fellowship in the group. And we’ve been through an awful lot.”

The Beach Boys’ Rivalry with The Beatles

The trailer also touches on The Beach Boys’ close association with The Beatles, playing an archival comment from Paul McCartney saying, “We ended up as kind of a rivalry,” while showing clips of appearances by both groups on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Brian Wilson’s Conflict with His Father and His Studio Mastery

Brian Wilson’s masterful sonic contributions to the band as a songwriter and producer are is addressed, as is his conflict with his father, Murry, who initially managed the group.

Beach Boys co-founder Jardine notes, “Brian was really learning to be a producer, but his dad began to be an obstacle.” Love then points out that Murry had sold the group’s publishing rights without consulting Brian.

Was also praises Brian’s creativity in the studio, noting that he “put together textures that no one had ever put into popular songs before.”

On the Band Members’ Close Connection

Monae and Was then comment about how the group members’ close collaborative relationship was an important aspect of The Beach Boys’ music sounding the way it does.

“They really showed what it’s like when everybody understands the part they have to play,” Monae says.

Was adds, “There’s something about the way those individuals blended together. They’re all part of it.”

The trailer ends with Love saying, “The fact that it was a family, that’s where the success came from.”

The Beach Boys’ 2024 Tour

As previously reported, The Beach Boys’ current incarnation, led by Love and longtime member Bruce Johnston, continues to tour regularly. The band currently has more than 70 dates lined up in 2024, spanning from an April 25 appearance at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival through a September 28 show in Ocean City, New Jersey.

Tickets for The Beach Boys’ concerts are available now via various outlets, including StubHub.

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