Heart Sisters Talks Mending Their Relationship Before 2024 Tour Kicks Off

Legendary rock band Heart has been on and off since their inception in 1973, and their upcoming Royal Flush Tour is going to be the first time sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson have toured as a band since 2019. It’s going to be one hell of a tour, but fans might not know that the preparation for the tour involved some relationship mending between the sisters behind Heart.

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“We’re talking,” said Ann in a recent interview with Billboard. “We’re fine together. We just felt it, so why not? The common ground is that we both want it to be excellent and we both want it to be absolutely Heart. We just basically put it together and said, ‘Let’s go!’”

Since their last tour, the sisters have released their own respective solo work, and they also performed together towards the end of 2023.

Heart’s Complicated Breakups and Reunions

There were a few factors that led to Heart breaking up several times since the band’s start in the 1970s. To start, the band left their original record company in 1977 to join another, which led to a prolonged legal fight between the two companies that prevented the pair from releasing music under Heart.

In 1995, Nancy decided to take a hiatus from the band (and music in general) to raise her family.

In 2016, Ann’s husband had been arrested for allegedly striking one of Nancy’s children. This created some relationship problems between the sisters and likely impacted Heart as a whole. The pair toured in 2019 regardless, but there were still high tensions between the sisters. And the pandemic didn’t exactly help, either.

“There’s so many things, circumstantially, since 2019,” Nancy said in the interview. “A lot of it’s just family drama and unavoidable, and just other stuff people wanted to do besides Heart. So we were off doing our own things for a little while, and there was also this little interruption called the pandemic.”

It’s good to see the two have mended their relationship and are ready to take on this year’s tour!

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