Yamaha Honors New Order/Joy Division Bassist Peter Hook With New Signature Model BB Bass

Peter Hook’s innovative bass work with Joy Division and New Order spans 40 years, blending post-punk with electronic and dance-music influences. Through it all, his trusty bass brand has been Yamaha and today the manufacturer announces the Yamaha Peter Hook Signature BB bass. Those looking to pick one up better act now- only 14 pieces will be available in the United States.

“It’s such a compliment to be recognized for what you’ve done and to have it come full circle and culminate with my own signature bass — made to my specs and to satisfy my playing — is such an honor, and I’m very happy with it,” said Hook. “I’m very proud to have worked with Yamaha to develop the BBPH and I think it's one of the best guitars in the world if I do say so myself!”

Watch Peter Hook discuss his signature Yamaha BB bass

Hook first began playing a Yamaha BB600 early in his career before picking up a BB1200S, which has stayed with him over the decades. He now owns seven BB1200S models, and his very first and favorite BB1200S still resides at his home for playing and recording. The Peter Hook Signature BB bass combines influences from his longtime companion BB1200S and the BB734A he currently plays on tour with Peter Hook & The Light.


Yamaha Peter Hook Signature BB bass headstock signature

Features of the “BB1200S Red” finish include a 3-piece body and matching headstock and single, reversed pickup. The VSP7n split, single-coil is paired with a true active/passive preamp to offer the best of both classic and modern BB tone. Similar to Hook’s BB734A, a 3-band EQ is available in the active mode, and the treble knob acts as a master tone control in the passive mode. Hook’s signature is screened on the back of the headstock, above a nod to “Manchester, England!”


Yamaha Peter Hook Signature BB bass pickups

“Peter Hook is a trailblazer among bassists in rock music,” Yamaha Corporation of American marketing manager Arthur Morin said. “Given Peter’s storied history with the Yamaha BB bass, we believe it’s high time we fashioned a signature model to suit his signature sound — a sound which has broadened the scope of his instrument and inspired musicians and music lovers everywhere. We are thankful to Peter for sticking with us for so many years, and we are proud he is so pleased with the result of our collaboration together.”

For more information, visit Yamaha.io/BBPH


Yamaha Peter Hook Signature BB bass neck joint


Yamaha Peter Hook Signature BB bass

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