GAYNGS Win Lawsuit Against Bus Company

A Nashville jury awarded the indie supergroup GAYNGS over $100,000 in compensatory and punitive damages May 18 in a lawsuit the band filed against tour bus company C.J. Starbuses, Inc.

The 24-piece band is led by Ryan Olson and includes members of Bon Iver, Megafaun, and The Rosebuds.

“I am extremely relieved that the jury understood the turmoil, both emotionally and financially, the band has gone through as a result being forced to cancel our ACL performance,” GAYNGS’ manager Nate Vernon said in a press statement. “No amount of money can make up for being deprived of that show; however, the peace of mind which comes from justice is the next best thing.”

Attorneys Chris Vlahos, Howell O’Rear, and John Strohm, proved the bus company was deceptive in its practices and prevented the band from performing at the 2010 Austin City Limits Music Festival.

In October 2010, C.J. Curtsinger, the owner of the bus company, ordered that GAYNGS’ leased tour bus return to Nashville without notice. The bus contained the band’s gear, musical equipment and personal belongings. Curtsinger failed to return the bus to Austin despite numerous requests from GAYNGS, forcing the band to cancel its show, according to the group’s management. Curtsinger had claimed that the band failed to pay a $6,000 bill.

After the jury’s decision had been announced, GAYNGS tweeted: “Love this city and justice system.”