10 Fourth of July Gear Sales for the Music Lover in You

Independence Day is quickly approaching, and while the film is a blockbuster hit, music has an even more influential role in shaping this country. From patriotic songs like, “The Star Spangled Banner” played at sporting events, to your pop tunes at barbeques like Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the U.S.A,” the Fourth of July never manages to go out of style. This year, we’re celebrating the holiday with some of our favorite Reverb July 4th deals for you, the music lover. Because if a holiday can still be trendy for nearly 250 years, then so can your music. 

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1. Ibanez IGB541TW POWERPAD gig bag for El. Guitar

A guitar case for any time is more than convenient, but this goes especially for Independence Day. If you’re planning on performing live music over this holiday weekend, but don’t have the transportation for your instrument, this Ibanez gig bag for an electric guitar is the perfect for you. The best part? It’s brand new! 

Originally $79.99

26% price drop.

NOW: $59.99

2. Neumann TLM102 – Nickel (Customer Return)

This attention-getting microphone is one of the top products! The item is $94.00 off its list price, and includes free shipping. Outstanding in terms of sound, the Neumann TLM102 offers a maximum sound pressure level of 144 dB, allowing the user to record loud sounds such as percussion, drums etc. In addition, a pop screen integrated into the grille helps control plosives when recording speech.

Originally: $639

$94 price drop

NOW: $545

3. Orange OR15 Compact 15/7 Watt Class A Single Channel 3 Band EQ tube effects loop

This effect loop is one of the website’s top products! The item is $149.80 off its list price, and includes free shipping. Not to mention that everything from its shape to its color – not only will you stand out, you will also partake in its cool retro feel. After all, what’s a better product that amplifies live music performances and experiences all in one. 

Originally $749.00

$149.80 price drop

NOW: $599.20

4. Yamaha THR30 II Wireless, 30-watt Modeling Combo w/ Bluetooth

What’s a better way of not tripping over chords on-stage? The Yamaha Wireless Amp, of course. The item is convenient for the stage and the travel, making cleaning up after a gig easier and more portable.

Originally: $549.99

$110 price drop

NOW: $439.99

5. JHS Bonsai 9-way Screamer Overdrive Pedal

If you’re looking for more neon colors and retro feels, then this product is definitely for you. Also made by Ibanez, the Overdrive Pedal is perfect for amplifying guitar blues and rock. And it includes free shipping! 

Originally: $249

$49.80 price drop

NOW: $199.20

6. Kali Audio LP-6 Second Wave V2 6.5-Inch Active Powered Studio Monitor, White

Whether you’re playing music from the radio or performing it live this Independence Day weekend, this powered studio monitor is modern and pristine. The item is also brand new, and picks up on every frequency response! 

Originally: $199

$30 price drop

NOW: $169

7. Yamaha Model YAS-62III Professional Alto Saxophone MINT CONDITION

It’s true, guitars aren’t the only instrument that is played during a live show. This Yamaha Professional Alto-Saxophone is just as important, made of original lacquer, and has a terrific tune.

Originally: $3399.00

$509.85 price drop

NOW: $2,889.15

8. PRS SE PE20SA Parlor Acoustic, Shell Pink 468 3lbs 14.2oz

This beautiful 2021 acoustic guitar is nostalgic of the beach with its shell-pink color. The item includes free shipping, and a strong desire to be played! 

Originally: $499

$99.80 price drop

New Price $399.20

9. Fender Blues Junior III Lacquered Tweed, 120V

This Blues Junior III Lacquered Tweed is both vintage for the music and for the country. The item is $160 off and includes free shipping. 

Originally: $799.99

$160 price drop

NOW: $639.99

10. Line 6 HX Stomp XL Guitar Multi-effects Floor Processor

The line 6 HX stomp XL guitar multi-effects floor processor is both color-coded, provides eight switches and has immersive MIDI capability. It is $150 off its original price, and includes an intuitive pedal editing mode along with eight MIDI switches.


$150 price drop

NOW: $599.99

**All products are independently chosen by American Songwriter editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

Main image by Gettyimages.com

**All products are independently chosen by American Songwriter editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

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