10 Love Songs That Will Make Valentine’s Day More Romantic

Love is in the air.

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It’s the time of year when couples put their hearts front and center, declaring their undying love for one another. The time of year that single people want to forget exists. And the time of year when artists like Ed Sheeran, Shania Twain and Adele, make us feel the love. That’s right, Valentine’s day is fast approaching.

As red hearts, balloons and chocolate gifts fill our lives, we can’t forget those memorable songs that put us in the mood for love. In that spirit of V-day, American Songwriter put together a list of 10 love songs that will help make your Valentine’s day a little more romantic. Heck, even if you’re single, there’s no greater love than the love you have for yourself. So, take a listen and get ready to lose yourself in that emotion.

Sit back relax, hit play, and fall in love (even if it’s with yourself) all over again. As Boyz II Men says, Close your eyes, make a wish, And blow out the candlelight. Here we go.

Ben Rector — “Love Like This”

A special love. That’s what Ben Rector praises in his current song, “Love Like This.” In the new tune, everything changes for Ben when the love of his life enters the picture. “Love Like This” is a sweet and tender love song sure to evoke amorous emotions.

Romantic lyric: It’s a million things about you, and I don’t know what it is, but I have never known a love like this.

“Perfect” – Ed Sheeran

Nobody’s perfect, but after listening to Ed Sheeran’s 2017 hit, you might start believing that you are. When kept in check, there’s nothing wrong with feeling perfect. After all, who doesn’t want that feeling when they are with the person they love?

Romantic lyric: But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own
And in your eyes, you’re holding mine

“I’ll Make Love to You” – Boyz II Men

There’s nothing more romantic than a song that talks about making love. Apparently, we’re not the only ones who feel that way. Written by Babyface, the sexy single spent 14 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100. Hot indeed.

Romantic lyric: Pour the wine, light the fire, Girl your wish is my command, I submit to your demands, I will do anything, Girl you need only ask.

“You’re Still the One” – Shania Twain

“You’re Still the One” takes a look at a couple making it through the ups and downs of their relationship, despite the naysayers. While the song, written by Twain and her ex-husband Mutt Lange, didn’t hold true for the musical couple (they divorced in 2010), the lyrics give the rest of us something to aspire to.

Romantic lyric: You’re still the one that I love, The only one I dream of , You’re still the one I kiss goodnight.

“Like I’m Gonna Lose You” – Meghan Trainor feat. John Legend

Sexy and sultry from the first note, this Meghan Trainor tune promises that your special someone will be loved like there’s no tomorrow. Add to that, the King of romantic love songs—John Legend, and this song is an alluring recipe for romance.

Romantic lyric: So I’m gonna love you, like I’m gonna lose you, I’m gonna hold you like I’m saying goodbye.

“Marry Me” – Jason Derulo

“Marry Me” falls squarely into the romance category—first comes romance, then comes love, then comes marriage. Co-written by Derulo, the song represents the culmination of a couple’s love, with a video that is equally likely to incite romance with your partner. Not to mention, Valentine’s day is a big day for…you guessed it…marriage proposals. Get ready.

Romantic lyric: 105 is the number that comes to my head, when I think of all the years I wanna be with you, wake up every morning with you in my bed, That’s precisely what I plan to do.

“Valentine” – Jim Brickman featuring Martina McBride

Jim Brickman enlists the help of powerhouse vocalist Martina McBride for this romantic tune. Martina’s vocals elicit a feeling of longing while pledging love to a significant other. No matter what the obstacle, even if there were no words to speak or tears to express, love will prevail. Romantic? We think so.

Romantic lyric: And even if the sun refused to shine, even if romance ran out of rhyme
You would still have my heart, Until the end of time, You’re all I need, my love, my Valentine

“Make You Feel My Love” – Adele

Written by Bob Dylan, recorded by Billy Joel and later by Garth Brooks for the soundtrack of the 1998 film, Hope Floats, “Make You Feel My Love” is about a love that endures. The song tells the story of a person offering their love to another, no matter what the circumstance—a love so strong it can withstand any down turn on the horizon. Love conquers all.

Romantic Lyric: I’d go hungry, I’d go black and blue, I’d go crawling down the avenue, No, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do, To make you feel my love.

“Crazy For You” – Madonna

Plain and simple, Madonna is crazy for us. The ’80s tune flat out puts romance on the table, while setting the stage for a sensual evening—Two by two their bodies become one. Being crazy for someone is a good thing as long as the feeling is mutual. So, get your partner, tell them you never wanted anyone like this and watch the romance sparks fly.

Romantic lyric: Touch me once and you’ll know it’s true, I never wanted anyone like this, It’s all brand new, You’ll feel it in my kiss, I’m crazy for you, crazy for you.

“All of Me” – John Legend

The master of love songs, John Legend, hits it out of the park with “All of Me.” A song to his wife Chrissy Teigen, and very relatable for the rest of us, telling her that she’s his muse and he’s giving her his all. What? All he asks is for her all in return. OK! Where do we sign up? “All of Me” is romance at it’s finest.

Romantic lyric: Give your all to me, I’ll give my all to you, You’re my end and my beginning, even when I lose, I’m winning.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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