11 Artists You Didn’t Know Covered “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” by Elton John

Tim Rice wrote the lyrics, and Elton John wrote the music and performed the track. And thus “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” was born, composed for the Disney film The Lion King.

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Since its creation, the song has spawned a number of covers from popular artists as well as a number of amateur renditions during the watching of the popular animated film. Who among us hasn’t been at home, the movie going, and began to belt out the chorus: CAAAAANNN You FEEEEEEL the LOOOOVEEE Toniiiigghtt!!!

The 1994 song was also a chart hit, peaking at No. 14 on the U.K. singles chart and reaching No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. It was a No. 1 hit in Canada and France.

Below, let’s visit some of the best covers, but first the original:

1. Boyce Avenue featuring Connie Talbot

Sticking with the piano motif, this version of the song by Boyce Avenue and Connie Talbot mimics John’s emotive song via a duet. Check out the swelling, heartfelt rendition below.

2. Leroy Sanchez and LaurDIY

This piano-driven duet is a bit more subdued than the one above, but it’s equally skilled and emotional. The vocal performance is in a lower register than the above, given Sanchez’s singing (LaurDIY plays the keys).

3. Landry Cantrell and Brianne Brieno

Sticking with the duet, this one from Landry Cantrell and Brianne Brieno also offers a bit of the dialogue from the original movie. It’s theatrical and a bit cartoonish. In other words, it’s truly delightful!

4. Pentatonix

Now, with a group flare, the song takes on another flavor. Pentatonix is one of the most well-respected a cappella groups and they don’t disappoint on this Disney rendition. Check it out below from the five-part harmony quintet.

5. Valerie Pola

Singer Valerie Pola takes on the hit Disney song solo in this rendition. Her voice is crisp and clear but also a bit smaller, and more personal than some of the renditions above. It’s almost like you’re alone with the artist as she sings it to you and you alone.

6. Caleb + Kelsey

The duo offers a bright offering in this rendition. Both artists partake in singing verses, offering a male and female co-take on the song Elton made famous. Check out their thoughtful, bonded duet below, driven by the keys and featuring excellent harmonies.

7. Allie Sherlock

Taking the performance of the track outdoors, busker Allie Sherlock performed for a crowd on the sidewalk, and included some dialogue from the film, as well. Playing an acoustic guitar, the young singer does a great job with the track.

8. Jonathan Antoine

With a full band behind him, including flute and strings, Jonathan Antoine took on the Elton classic with great poise and aplomb. Check out his full-throated version of the song below and let your heart swell with the massive instrumentation around his excellent singing.

9. Chase Eagleson

In this offering, Eagleson takes on the track with his acoustic guitar, creating a six-string take much like Jeff Buckley’s on “Hallelujah.” It’s emotional, stirring, and mature. His voice is raspy and that much more alluring.

10. The Hound + The Fox

This duet is really a four-piece if you include an elaborate introduction. Performing the movie dialogue ahead of the song, the track’s rendition by The Hound + The Fox perhaps sounds most like the Disney movie. This is one your kids will love!

11. iMusico

This instrumental violin rendition of the song is done by an artist known only as iMusico. But by any other name, it would sound as sweet. Check out this stirring string offering from the artist below.

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