Hear Beck’s Third Man Records Single (Featuring Jack White)

As previously reported, Beck has teamed up with Jack White’s Third Man Records and released a single on 7″ vinyl. Below is the stream for the A-Side “I Just Started Hating Some People Today,” which features White on backing vocals, and sees Beck experimenting with country, punk and funk.

Fans of Beck will immediately recognize his trademark baritone, and the guitar parts harken back to his mid-90s sound, but it wouldn’t be a Third Man Record if Jack White weren’t slathered all over it. What begins as a country song on steroids soon veers off into a bizarre punk rock hoedown. So basically Jack White and Beck getting together is as weird as it sounds like it would be. But if there’s one thing White and Beck are known for, it’s making the odd accessible.

The B-Side, “Blue Randy,” is also streaming on the Third Man Records website.