3 Lingering Questions After the Summer of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift took the world by storm during the summer of 2023, which is incredible in and of itself because she was already one of the biggest stars in entertainment. One might have wondered how she could become even bigger, and more popular. Somehow, though, she did it.

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Now that Swift has proven she’s the biggest draw in music, there are a few questions that may just be on the tongues of many of her fans. Below are three lingering questions after the summer of Taylor Swift.

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1. Will she be rerecording more albums?

Taylor Swift is famous for many things. And while The Eras Tour was the latest in a long line of successes, one of the other major headline-making moves has been the rerecording of her studio albums. Wanting to own her own masters, Swift has to date re-released four albums, calling them “Taylor’s Version.” Those include Fearless (Taylor’s Version) (2021), Red (Taylor’s Version) (2021), Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) (2023), and 1989 (Taylor’s Version) (2023).

That leaves five more albums, not counting her debut self-titled LP from 2006, to re-do. While some may criticize Swift for merely reaching back into her bag and not putting forth as much new material as possible, the move to rerecord her LPs has seemed to have paid off. Swift’s popularity has never been bigger. So, what’s next? Perhaps the handful of albums that remain—and more.

Perhaps there will be another new release on the heels of Midnights and songs like “Anti-Hero” or perhaps Swift will take the concept of an album in a whole new direction. But whatever she chooses, it will likely be a smash hit.

2. How will her relationship with Travis Kelce continue?

Now that her tour is done, her latest LP is out, and her concert movie Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, is breaking records, Swift has seemed to turn her attentions to love. And football. The newest celebrity couple in town is a union between Swift and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, whose team won the Super Bowl just last year.

Swift can be seen nearly every chance television stations can get, cheering on her new beau in the family luxury boxes, along with Kelce’s mom and several of Swift’s famous friends. Even Swift using ranch dressing and ketchup caused a run on the ranch market. She is a one-woman trend. (Her power even extends to getting young people to register to vote.)

But what everyone wants to know is… will this relationship last? While the two have been seen canoodling at Saturday Night Live parties, we all want to know—as if we are their collective parents—will there be wedding bells? Children? Honeymoon photos? It’s smart for Swift and Kelce—Swelce, Traylor (?)—to keep things mum and go slow. But that doesn’t mean we all don’t want to know more.

3. What’s next?

We’ve already covered the questions about her albums and her relationship. But from a 30,000-foot vantage point, we must ask: what’s next? This summer, Swift outdid Barbie and Beyoncé, both of whom grossed billions in profit. With that power, what’s next?

Swift seems down to earth—well, as down to earth as a global celebrity can be. She cleans up after herself in the football suites and she cares about important social issues. So, for an encore, will she be colonizing the moon? Removing all the carbon in the air?

She’s turned dads of tween girls into fans, she’s become bigger than the NFL and she’s grossed more money than any musician this year. One can only wonder…what’s next for Swift after her not-so-cruel summer.

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