3 Non-Country Artists Morgan Wallen Has Collaborated With That Aren’t Post Malone

Morgan Wallen has been all over the news in the past few weeks after an incident at a Nashville bar landed him with felony charges. While those actions have stolen some headlines, it’s his music career that continues to make waves in the country world, as well as other genres. Let’s take a look at some non-country artists that Morgan Wallen has collaborated with.

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1. Lil Durk

Morgan Wallen’s vibe and bad-boy attitude have made him appealing in the hip-hop world, starting with the time he collaborated with rapper Lil Durk. It seemed like a strange fit at first, but it actually made perfect sense. Even though Wallen is and has been marketed as a country singer, he did have hip-hop leanings in some of his songs. The collab with Lil Durk for “Broadway Girls” was seamless.

2. Drake

This is another artist that Morgan Wallen collaborated with that you wouldn’t expect, and they both happen to be individuals in a bit of hot water at the moment. Still, it was a match that made sense. Drake and Wallen were the second and third top-streamed artist on the app Spotify in 2023. The collaboration was simply a smart one.

Wallen doesn’t appear to contribute any music talents to the track “You Broke My Heart”, but he does appear in the music video. In the first two minutes of the video, Wallen and Drake are sitting in a restaurant for a few drinks, lamenting about their ex-girlfriends. As they leave, the ex-girlfriends in question plant a bomb in their car, resulting in an explosion.

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3. Diplo

New fans might be surprised to hear that Morgan Wallen collaborated with music producer Diplo at one point. Diplo isn’t one to release country-leaning tracks all that often. However, his collab with Wallen for “Heartless” was the perfect blend of country-pop and trap electronic music. The track was part of Diplo’s country project and was a co-writing effort between the two artists. And quite a few fans believe that Morgan Wallen’s remix version was even better than the original.

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