3 R&B Artists and Bands Who Only Released One Album

These three R&B artists only released one album, despite being fairly successful. Whether it was a lack of support from their label, lack of attention past the child star stage, or lack of interest in making more music in the face of controversy, we’ll likely never see another album from these R&B legends.

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1. Lauryn Hill

It’s hard to imagine a star as big as Lauryn Hill only touting a single solo album in her career. However, no one is more worthy of a spot on our list of R&B artists who only released one album than her. It’s also been a mystery why Hill hasn’t released another album. According to the singer/songwriter, her label simply never reached out to help her make another record. Some fans, though, are skeptical of that reasoning.

The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill was released in 1998 and is still one of the best albums about love, motherhood, and politics in the world. “To Zion” and “Lost One” are essential listening. 

2. Cassie

Cassie released her R&B/pop self-titled album in 2006 and hasn’t released anything since. In the midst of the very serious accusations towards her then-partner and label showrunner Diddy, it makes sense why she never released another album. It’s heartbreaking what Cassie went through, but her album did go on to inspire a whole generation of pop stars from Jhene Aiko to Kelela.

3. Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers

Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers landed themselves at the top of the R&B charts in 1956 with the hit song “Why Do Fools Fall In Love” from The Teenagers Featuring Frankie Lymon. They were expected to be the next big thing in R&B music. 

Unfortunately, the band’s fans were very young and many didn’t have the disposable income to purchase their albums. They split just a year later. Frankie Lymon attempted a solo career, but the public wasn’t quite as interested in him once he became an adult. It’s the downfall of most child stars. Lymon unfortunately passed away at the age of 25.

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