4 boygenius Songs to Cry to

If you’re looking for a band that will help you emote, look no further than boygenius. The trio–Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus–have mastered melancholia. Their songs are soaking with emotion. That emotion seeps in from the listener’s ear and finds its way directly to their soul. Try and listen to the four songs below with a dry eye, we dare you.

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1. “Cool About It

The harmonies in “Cool About It” are almost too beautiful to stand. We wouldn’t judge if you welled up just from hearing them. The song’s lyrics are melancholy, but pale in comparison to some of their other, even sadder songs. The tear-jerking nature of this song comes from its sonic direction. Regardless of what put the listener in a somber state, this song would be a good pairing for a much-needed cry.

2. “Me & My Dog

Sonically, “Me & My Dog” is one of the group’s more rousing numbers. Nevertheless, anyone wanting an escape from their troubles will find it hard to not scream along to this cathartic release. Your tears will come as you commiserate with Bridgers and her bandmates.

3. “We’re In Love

“We’re In Love” frames true love as something that transcends space and time. If you rewrite your life, may I still play a part in the next one / will you find me, Dacus sings in her rich vocals. The story has an emotional weight that nearly crushes the listener. It hurts so good and makes us return for another stabbing of the heart time and time again.

4. “Letter To An Old Poet

“Letter To An Old Poet” makes a nod to “Me & My Dog” and the line I wanna be emaciated. It’s a striking full-circle moment for Bridgers when she sings I wanna be happy / I’m ready in the same melody. Fans of boygenius will be emotional for the singer and her journey to finding peace. It’s such a profound statement that you can’t help but be moved.

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