4 of the Best Songs Written by Stevie Nicks

Rumours came out almost 50 years ago, and it’s still a deeply loved album among folk-rock fans. Stevie Nicks has since launched a successful solo career, showcasing how talented she is as a songwriter and singer alike. Let’s look at a few examples of Stevie Nicks’ songwriting prowess with her best songs of all time!

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1. “Landslide”

This is arguably Stevie Nicks’ best song of her career to date. It’s a reflective, heartwrenching song about the reality of aging and the changes one will inevitably experience. A true gem in the music world.

2. “Silver Springs”

The above performance of this song is incredibly famous. Nicks sings the climax of the song directly at Lindsey Buckingham, low-key casting a hex on her ex-lover. Performance aside, the recorded version is just as incredible. It’s crazy to think that it didn’t make it to the final cut of Rumours.

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3. “Edge Of Seventeen”

Nicks said that this song was about her experience holding her beloved Uncle John’s hand as he passed away, which also happened shortly after the murder of John Lennon. The song is a lament in many ways, and Nicks said that the white-winded dove in the song is “a spirit that is leaving a body, and I felt a great loss at how both Johns were taken.” It is also a biting track that shows how well Nicks could do all on her own without Fleetwood Mac.

4. “Gold Dust Woman”

Nicks herself once said that thing famous 1977 track from Rumours was about a woman going through a rough relationship, using drugs, and trying to make it through life. She also noted that it was inspired by her experiences with groupies. In an interview with Crawdaddy back in the 1970s, she said it was “about women who stand around and give me and Christine [McVie] dirty looks but as soon as a guy comes in the room are overcome with smiles.” It’s a bitter sort of song, but still one of her best.

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