4 Psychedelic Rock Bands That Only Released One Album

Psychedelic rock is unlike any other genre. Hitmakers like Pink Floyd, The Doors, The Flaming Lips, and more changed the musical world with their new takes on the rock genre. Some artists, though, only delivered a single album before calling it quits. Let’s take a gander at a few of the best (and most underrated) psychedelic rock bands that only released one album!

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1. The Savage Resurrection

This San Fransisco-based psychedelic rock band only released one album in 1968. The self-titled record was their only release outside of a few singles. The band was comprised of mostly teenagers when they first got together, and their music is even more impressive when you consider that fact. Sadly, The Savage Resurrection only lasted a year, though a version of the band with some of the original members is still performing today.

2. Tintern Abbey

Technically, Tintern Abbey isn’t a psychedelic rock band that released only one album. They released a “posthumous” EP, and that was basically it. But we think they’re still worthy of a spot on this list.

This British psych-rock outfit are known for the hit single “Vacuum Cleaner”. During their one year together, they released one 45rpm single via Deram Records that included “Vacuum Cleaner” and the song “Beeside”. Unfortunately, the single struggled to sell. A full-length LP was rumored to be in the works, but the group eventually disbanded. 

The band’s EP Do What You Must was released in 2006 by a few of the original members and includes demo tracks that the band didn’t get to release while they were together.

3. Kak

Another underrated psych-rock band from San Fransisco, Kak released their first and only album in 1968. The self-titled record was recorded while they were with Epic Records, but subsequent singles didn’t sell and the band split up in 1969. Today, the original vinyl version of the album has become a highly sought-after collector’s item.

4. Clear Light

Clear Light only released one self-titled album in 1967 before disbanding. You can sense a ton of influences on this album, which likely came from the fact that The Doors’ producer Paul Rothchild managed the band. It’s definitely essential listening for any psychedelic rock fan.

Photo courtesy of Kak’s Facebook page

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