Watch Young Miranda Lambert Fan Steal the Show and Singer’s Heart at Minnesota Concert

Recently, Miranda Lambert had to halt her live show to address a couple unruly fans fighting during “Tin Man.” The “Wranglers” singer paused again during her this weekend’s concert at the Grand Casino MN in Hinckley, Minnesota However, this interruption was for a much more wholesome reason. Lambert invited a sweet little cowgirl onstage with her, only to find out the young fan is named for her.

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“I Just Gotta Hug Her”: Miranda Lambert Embraces Young Fan Onstage

While performing Saturday (July 5) at the Grand Casino MN in Hinckley, Minnesota, Miranda Lambert spotted a young girl dressed for the occasion in a sparkly pink dress, hot pink cowboy boots, and a cowboy hat. The girl’s mother, Kim Peterson, shared a video of the special moment to Instagram.

“The cutest little cowgirl is wearing her hot pink boots, I just gotta hug her,” said the GRAMMY winner.

The girl’s mother is heard screaming, “Her name’s Miranda!” as crowd members lift the little girl onto the stage.

Lambert learns that information just seconds later, when she leans down and gently asks, “What’s your name?” Delighted by the answer, the “Hell on Heels” singer goes in for a second hug.

“I absolutely love your jacket,” Lambert continues. “Did your mom make it? … Your mom’s awesome.”

The ACM Award winner even shared footage of the meeting to her own Instagram page. “I met the cutest lil gal also named MIRANDA last night,” the country star wrote. “She stole the show and my heart!”

“Speechless and Sobbing:” Mom Says She Named Daughter For Country Star

Miranda Lambert and her music are a source of inspiration for Kim Peterson. So much so, in fact, that she named her daughter after the “Mama’s Broken Heart” singer.

Peterson penned a heartfelt thank-you message to Miranda Lambert on Instagram. “This momma is speechless and sobbing,” she wrote. “We were surrounded by some of the kindest people who put Miranda front center… which led to her being brought on stage with @mirandalambert… My momma heart is so full.”

In the comments, Peterson elaborated on her daughter’s “absolutely priceless” moment. “I am so grateful for the kindness shown from Miranda and all her crew as well as the crowd around us,” she wrote. “This was my daughter Miranda’s first big concert, never did I think she would be pulled up on stage to meet the woman she’s named after.”

Featured image by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for The Green Room PR

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