5 Great Performances From the Jonas Brothers’ Five Albums. One Night. Tour

Ever since Taylor Swift decided to drum up nostalgia with her Eras Tour, more musicians have started wondering, “What if we threw things back?” Another high-demand, career-spanning tour this year is the Jonas Brothers’ FIVE ALBUMS. ONE NIGHT. The 67-track setlist encompasses every song from their five past releases. It’s ambitious, no doubt, and it has already earned them one of this year’s must-see tours.

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The trio has many dates left on the tour, which means many more memorable performances to go. But, we’ve decided to highlight our favorite performances so far, below.

1. “Walls” with Jon Bellion and Kirk Franklin in New York

The Jonas Brothers brought out Jon Bellion and Kirk Franklin for a gospel-tinged performance of “Walls” in New York. The song appears on the band’s latest release, The Album. The performance showcased how polished the group’s vocals have gotten over the years. The addition of a powerhouse choir made it all the richer.

2. “Still in Love With You/Australia/Hollywood/Just Friends/Games” in Toronto

Playing five albums in one night is a massive feat. Even with their sprawling setlist, they had to include a few mashups to reach the expanse of their catalog. One of the best is a combination of “Still in Love With You,” “Australia,” “Hollywood,” “Just Friends,” and “Games.”

At their show at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, the brothers gave an especially energetic performance of the mashup. It was the perfect throwback to the early days of their career–which seems to be exactly what this tour hopes to achieve.

3. “Lovebug” in Toronto

“Lovebug” is an undisputed fan favorite of the Jo Bros. It’s been a staple in their live sets since its release in 2008. Despite having heard it live countless times, it’s still a welcome addition to any and all Jonas shows.

They once again wowed the crowd with the slow-burning ballad in Toronto on the FIVE ALBUMS. ONE NIGHT. Tour. They started off tame, crooning through the first few verses. During the bridge, Fireworks exploded above the stage while the band kicked things into overdrive.

4. “Sucker” in Toronto

“Sucker” is a crowd-pleaser if we ever heard one. To leave this one off of a stadium setlist would be blasphemy. Of course, the Jo Bros. know how to play to their strengths, so they made sure to give it a prime spot in the FIVE ALBUMS. ONE NIGHT. setlist. “Sucker” helps to close out the show with a bang, getting the audience amped up for the final few songs of the night.

In Toronto, the crowd was especially eager to sing along with the brothers during “Sucker.” While an artist is most responsible for making a show great, audience participation (or lack thereof) can also be a factor. The crowd in Toronto came out in spades.

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5. “Burnin’ Up” in Toronto

Who doesn’t love ‘Burnin’ Up?” Not the crowd in Toronto for FIVE ALBUMS. ONE NIGHT. that’s for sure. The crowd nearly drowns out the trio as they sing through the 2008 hit. The song also features some of the most beloved ad-libs from the band. Namely Nick’s impassioned “red dress!” echo in the second verse.

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