A Q&A With the Heart Toppers Lyric Contest Promotion Winner Robin Mac

“Some time Next time” 
Written by Robin Mac
Interview by American Songwriter

Robin Mac is the American Songwriter Heart Toppers Lyric Contest Promotion winner for his song “Some Time Next Time.” American Songwriter caught up with Robin to get the story behind his lyrics. 

How long have you been songwriting? 

Off and on for over 30 years. I started around 19 or 20 years old. Just out of high school. I had a job that involved a lot of driving. I would use that time behind the wheel, to let my mind work it’s magic.

Why did you enter American Songwriter’s Lyric Contest?

On a whim I guess. I have always thought my lyrics were the best part of my songs. To tell a story in three to four minutes that people can relate to, is the ultimate high. I just thought why not put one out there and let the songwriting professionals tell me what they think.

What was the inspiration behind your song, “Some Time Next Time”?

The song is really meant to be sung as a duet. Boy and girl have just had a fight and neither of them know how it got out of hand. Sometimes you love someone so much, “we’re just too blind to see”. We’ve all experienced painful love. For me the words just came out, no effort just feelings.

Who are your all-time favorite songwriters? 

John Prine, Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, John Hiatt, John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

How do you think “Some Time Next Time” would sound?
Probably a bit like old school country. I can picture Carrie Underwood and either Chris Stapleton, Luke Bryan, or Blake Shelton for the male Lyrics.

What would you tell other artists who are considering entering the contest?

Don’t wait, don’t hesitate. I had 30 years of lyrics inside me with nobody but myself to appreciate them. I should have entered years ago.  

Read Robin’s winning lyrics to “Some Time Next Time” below: 

It’s two o’clock in the morning
I should be home with you in bed
Not having one way conversations
With the man inside my head
Telling me I must be crazy
That I don’t really care
‘cause if I did I would still be there

These satin sheets don’t feel like heaven
Without you in my bed
I’m wide awake and wondering
Was it something that I said
Words can be like weapons
Used in self defense
And when you do, you face the consequence

Some times you can live but you don’t learn
Some times we’re just to blind to see
But if I get the chance to mend this bridge I burned, I swear
I’ll take some time next time

We’ll I’m not above believing
That I’m right more than I’m wrong
I made this bed I’m lying in
I guess it’s right where I belong
If pride is the reason, for which we make our stand
Then forgiveness should be the measure of a man

(Repeat Chorus)

My heart can feel the moment
As a teardrop fills my eye
Can’t help but ask the question
Even knowing the reason why
Still I’ll go on asking
And hope you’ll change your mind
Why we look for love
When we had it all the time

Some times you can live but you don’t learn
Some times we’re just to blind to see But if I get the chance, to mend this bridge I burned
I swear I’ll take some time next time

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