Amy Grant Reveals She Had to Relearn How To Sing After Scary Bike Crash

Amy Grant is speaking out about that scary bike accident that happened two years ago. The singer said she’s permanently affected by the crash.

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Speaking with E! News, Grant said she still has a few effects from the accident. In particular, Grant said the crash affected her balance as well as her short-term memory.

I made a joke about it last night, sometimes I’ll walk around like I’m drunk and you just have to laugh about all of it. And I can’t remember what I can’t remember,” she told the outlet. Likewise, Grant doesn’t know if she’ll get back on the bike again.

Grant had been riding her bike near the Harpeth Hills Golf Course in Nashville. Fortunately, she was wearing a helmet at the time. Emergency services responded to the crash transporting the singer to the hospital.

The bike crash caused Grant to be “knocked unconscious for 10 or 15 minutes.” She also experienced several cuts and bruises as well. “I don’t know if I’ll get back on a bike. There are so many great sports to enjoy, and so I don’t know. I mean, who knows,” she added. 

Amy Grant Had Throat Cyst Removed

Grant also had to have throat surgery following the crash. It turns out that the singer had a cyst in her throat that she didn’t know about. The injury resulted in the cyst going into “hypergrowth” mode, so surgeons had to remove the cyst.

“Because of the trauma of that bike wreck, it went into hypergrowth,” she said. “I had this five-hour surgery and they took it out … So I actually had to learn to sing again.”

Grant also revealed that she ended up with an unexpected facelift due to the surgery. So, it wasn’t all negative according to the singer. She said, “I didn’t ask for it, but I came out of surgery and my neck was a little tighter and I just felt like an old beat-up car that went in and got a paint job and had the dents knocked out…That’s a gift.”

Now that she’s got her singing voice back, Grant is back on tour. The singer launched a 2024 spring tour in February. It was important for the singer to hit the road.

“My reasons for touring are, I don’t get on stage because I need to hear applause. I have always loved creating spaces, and I do think that it feels like that continues to matter,” she shared.

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